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TS students to get 85% quota in B seats in Pvt MBBS, BDS colleges

HYDERABAD: In good news for Telangana students, the health department reserved 85 per cent of ‘B’ category or management quota seats in private medical colleges for merit students. This releases 1,068 MBBS and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) seats in 24 private medical colleges.

The health department issued GOs 129 and 130 to amend the admission rules to facilitate this,

The state has 20 non-minority and four minority private medical colleges which offer 3,750 seats. The seats in non-minority colleges number 3,200 seats and the B category seats used to account for 1,120 seats, or 35 per cent, in previous years. Till now, students from all states were eligible for these 1,120 seats.
Under the new rules, 85 per cent of these 1,120 seats, or 952, will be reserved for Telangana students. The remaining 168 seats, or 15 per cent, would be open to both students from Telangana and from other states.

There was no reservation for Telangana students in management quota seats in the state until now. As a result, students from other states took up the majority of MBBS seats in the state's colleges. Harish Rao, health minister, had directed the officials concerned to study the procedure implemented in other states and submit a report on it.

Officials found that several other states, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Punjab, had changed admission rules so that all or most medical seats were filled by local students. As a result, Telangana students were finding it tough to get a seat in their own state as well as in other states, prompting the state government to take this decision

GO 129 issued to amend admission rules for minority institutions GO 130 pertains to non-minority institutions Total: 3,750 seats In 20 non-minority and 4 minority private medical colleges reserved for TS students
Non-minority colleges

B-category accounts for 35% of 3,200 seats or 1,120 seats Of the 1,120 seats, 952 seats or 85 per cent seats reserved exclusively for Telangana students
Minority colleges

137 seats currently available under 25% B category Of these, 116 seats or 85 percent will be allocated to Telangana students